RoVerse Wikia

Welcome to the Official Wiki of the ROBLOX-based MMO 'RoVerse'!

Here you can find out all about the world of RoVerse and what you should expect to encounter out there in the black, and for those brave adventurers who've met unexpected things on their travels, a place to report their findings.

'RoVerse' is a ROBLOX space-sim game in development with the goal of creating a massive, dynamic, persistent, physical universe where clans can live, colonize and conquer like real space empires. This is a neutral-ground project and is not owned by any clans. We are open to talented developers of any background so long as you share our desires to see the clan world prosper.

On the RoVerse Wiki, you can learn about RoVerse how to survive in the vast open-world galaxy, from the mysterious creatures that may inhabit it, to the fearsome factions vying for power in the voids of space.

Key Features

  • Space Combat: From fighters to battleships, factions and organizations battle for supremacy of the skies with the power of fleets of ships. Stations defend territory, or produce goods or equipment to assist in their fight, but are themselves targets of enemy factions.
  • Planetary Combat: Take the fight to the ground with this expansion on stellar combat. Found colony cities, build bases and outposts, explore the surfaces of extensive procedurally generated planets with innumerable biomes, but be ready to defend your installations from attacks from the land, sea, and sky.
  • Non-Combat Occupations: Combat not for you? Pick one of numerous tasks, from mining resources from asteroid fields to sell on the open market, to transporting players and NPCs from station to station, or be a station manager yourself. The truly devoted might even be able to create their own subfaction, taking the form of a manufacturing corporation, security firm, or even a fearless band of pirates.
  • Player-Driven Economy: Set your own prices for goods you produce or offer, based on scarcity and demand. Not every mineral is available everywhere, making trade a vital aspect of gameplay. Smuggle goods through faction territory, steal faction tech for sale to their enemies, or collect bounties on dangerous individuals.
  • Faction Integration: Have a historic clan ready to take on a galaxy full of enemies on a persistent battlefield where decisions have ramifications, victories have real outcomes, and defeat must be avoided? Look no further. All factions are given an even playing field, where it is up to their dedication and skill to prove themselves the best in the galaxy.