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Factions are an essential part of RoVerse. The following include a list of known factions who are awaiting approval and entry to the game and those who could not stand the test of time.

Current Factions[]

Onyx Hold

Distrionian Empire

Ninazu Collective

House of Akatana

Realm of Noxheim

Imperium of Arcadia

Galactic Coalition of Planets

Commonwealth of Luparis


MACHINA Syndicate

Arkonian Republic

United Empire of Solera

The Independent Systems of Nexus



Chaotic Unity

Calexian Imperium

The Contagion

Sovereignty of Vos

Trident Imperium

Tenebruzian Monarchy

Akhazriel's Chosen

The Mopp Empire

Nivellian Federation

Kiengiri Theocracy

Defunct Factions[]

Nerva Empire

Purshovian Federation

The Republic of Korus

The Empire of Acrym

The Greater Oecumene

Valorian Empire

House Of Avarga

Federation of Kivides


The Takari Federation

Apollox Corporation

Venturian Republic

Terran Alliance

Imperial States Empire



Imperia of Flare Major

Black Fleet

Parliamentary Republic of Cera

Nautilus Mercenary Company

And many more (If you know a faction that is not listed, add it but do not delete this. Also, DO NOT add sub factions!)

Note: If you would like your faction to be removed from the Defunct list, notify Wiki staff